About Me

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a freelance writer.

I’ve been freelancing since 2017 in various niches. I’ve written on film, Disney, literature, fitness, politics, philosophy, and other southern entertainment pieces. My writing can speak for itself, but I got my degree in English and can adapt my style to any audience.

Due to my unique background of being raised in a southern conservative town and being the son of a preacher and teacher, I have always been interested in stories and how they relate to ordinary life. This is most evident in my blog Deeper Meaning.

This passion for story can be elicited to any topic. I love learning the history behind things and learning more about whatever I’m writing about. I want to be as informed as possible on whatever I’m writing.

Check out more of my writing on my portfolio. To hire me for any writing needs, contact me with whatever services you want me to handle.