Top 5 FREE Resources to Improve Your Business in 2020

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Everyone is looking to improve in this new year.

You have your message established, and you know the best way to communicate it. What are some of the best resources to learn your craft better?

There is this blog, but besides what I write here, there are some seriously extraordinary resources out there.

For new businesses, you’re probably scraping by, not even making a real profit yet. The budget for marketing and other ideas to improve is basically nothing.

An infographic of business startup costs.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve done some deep research. I scoured the vast, barren landscape that is the world wide web and have found the 5 best FREE resources that are sure to help any business.

You’ve already been doing it your way, so why not go ahead and give these a try and see what happens.

Google Digital Garage

Anytime someone searches something, they use Google. Yes, other search engines exist, and there is a lot of value optimizing for them. That doesn’t mean you ignore the number one search engine IN THE WORLD.

Why in the world would you not go directly to the source. That is something taught about writing, instead of just quoting someone else, you go to the primary source. Let’s take that concept and apply it to your business.

Google offers courses, a lot for free, on their learning platform.

I recently got my digital marketing certification from them, and it’s already proved beneficial.

Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing Certification

I learned tips on marketing for others and SEO for myself. My main source of spreading my message is through this blog, so SEO, specifically for Google, has already proven to be extremely beneficial.

If you’re looking to improve your business in 2020, then hop on the Google Digital Garage and see where they can help you.

Not only do they have courses they created themselves, but there are other online institutes offering courses. Institutes such as Coursera, FutureLearn, Darden School of Business from the University of Virginia and many other incredible sources.

Take advantage. Worst case scenario, they say something you already know and skip over it.


Hubspot is known for being one of the top CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sites in the world.

Don’t know what CRM is? There’s a lesson for that.

business plan tree

Hubspot has an amazing product, but they also offer tons of free courses like Google. They have the advantage of not catering to their own search engine though.

Plenty of marketers say that Google’s downfall in providing information is that it is too tailored for their own product. Hubspot doesn’t have this problem because they don’t have their own search engine they are trying to promote.

They host 48 different courses, compiling hundreds of hours of FREE information to help you optimize your content.

Hubspot does offer their own products, but it’s analytic products. They have courses on perfecting your marketing and their products help you track it.

My favorite thing about Hubspot is that they grow with you. You can start out with an absolute basic version of their product, but as your business improves and grows, you can use some of the new expendable income to help track your analytics on a more specific basis, increasing accuracy and efficiency in your marketing campaigns.


Social media is king in this age. Reddit is not your typical social media site.

woman with social media icons around her head

Most social media sites are based on people, where Reddit is based on topics.

It’s set up to when you login, you are taken to the front page. From there you can find a subreddit, or a community of people discussing a singular topic, on just about anything.

It’s like getting a bunch of friends together and talking about your favorite topics.

When it comes to business there are a few subreddits I really recommend: Advertising, blogs, Blogging, content_marketing, copywriting, digital_marketing, Entrepreneur, marketing, productivity and SideProject.

These subreddits all discuss things relevant to their desired topics, but it also allows you to ask questions and give your own answers.

I always say that people don’t truly understand a topic until they can articulate it, and Reddit provides this platform. If you say something wrong, it will be quick to correct you, or at least provide another point of view.

The only downside, as with all social media, the users can be a bit harsh and provide unrelenting feedback. One blog I follow that has found the niche in a male base once got ripped apart because of its writing being aimed at this male base.

Because the usernames are anonymous, people do not filter themselves. Their true colors show, and they are not shy about being rude.

Sometimes this is useful, but sometimes it’s not even kind of helpful. If you don’t let some of the comments get you down, a lot of valuable information can be found to help your business improve.

Gary Vee

Does it count as cheating to use one of the greatest modern marketers as a free source of information?

Feel free to debate that in the comment section, but I think it’s stupid not to use all his content. Gary Vee is the founder of VaynerX which houses tons of incredible brands, including VaynerMedia. He puts out tons of incredibly valuable content all the time.

He does speeches, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and pretty much any other social media platform out there.

Gary has created so much content that it would take an unnecessarily long time to consume it all. The reason he does that is not only because he enjoys it, but he loves people. He wants to help people to get better at business because it has been so powerful in his own life.

Instead of the usual marketing idea of focusing on one thing and doing it well, Gary Vee says produce as much content as possible to expand your reach.

I strongly agree with this approach because you might find that one person that likes your content and will spread it to others. It’s proven to be effective for myself and every company he is associated with. Consuming his content is great, but the more important factor that is sure to improve your business is to put it into action.

Check out his website to find all his content; he even offers his personal cell phone number for you to get in touch with him. Keep in mind he is extremely busy, so he may not be able to answer every message.

Looking for Marketing

My favorite free resource, because I love to learn new things and then write about them later once I understand them well, is

A digital marketer working on a computer

This site has a the latest in marketing news, resources to learn more about homing in on your audience and perfecting your message, a job board, events and the top books in the field.

I really don’t need to say any more than that.

But I will anyway because I like bragging about really good content.

Looking for Marketing is such a useful resource to help improve your business. It links to just about anything you need. The resource tab is where all the links to various courses are. They are the most useful for anyone growing their knowledge base.

If you think that this isn’t valuable in our digital age, you are just wrong.

A beautiful thing about the Internet is that it helps people to share ideas. When you find a site like this, offering this much FREE content, at this high of a level, follow it. Use it and keep up with it.

Don’t just keep this for yourself though, share it with other.

Not only does this help you become a resource for others, but it’s simply the right thing to do. It might actually have an adverse effect on you and your business if you don’t share this information.

I guarantee the information on Looking for Marketing will help improve your business as well.


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