Storytelling for Brand Building

Storytelling in Brand Building

Storytelling is the most important aspect in building a brand of any kind; personal or business.

When building a brand everything is a form of storytelling.

With the rise of social media and the Internet, it’s more important for the owner of the brand be in control. Spread the message and control the story being told.

Focusing on branding means all the content must be tailored to fit the narrative. And narrative is just another word for story.

Businesses have a story. They have a story for what they do, how they do it and, most importantly, why they do what they do.

Since social media is getting more and more video and audio based, copy is being neglected. The Internet is amazing in that it gave everyone a platform for speaking out, but that is also the negative.

People that aren’t qualified are putting out copy.

If a business is working toward building a brand, a great way to stand out is through their storytelling.

Storytelling for business is no different than fictional storytelling.

All stories have 3 components:

  • Characters
  • Conflict
  • Resolution


Cartoon fanart of Harry Potter and Hedwig

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Frodo, Gandalf, Luke Skywalker; all of these are amazing fictional characters. When storytelling for business-oriented copy, the character still matters.

Just like fictional stories, business stories’ characters change to help define the narrative.

Storytelling to give personal insight makes the main character the writer. The main character is trying to give the account and some knowledge to the reader.

If the goal of the storytelling is a giving actionable advice, such as a ‘how-to,’ the main character is the reader. There will be a lot of advice and instructions for the reader.

To do storytelling that reveals truth through facts or gives a second-hand account then the main character is a third party. It’s giving stats and facts about someone else or describing a general trend.

The goal of the article will determine the characters, which will then determine the overall brand of the business.

Notice that all the character options had the purpose to HELP the reader.

Sometimes storytelling will be repetitive but changing the characters will help one person understand the content in a different way.


a conflict resulting in violence

Harry had to defeat Voldemort; Frodo had to get the ring to Mordor; Luke had to overcome himself to overcome the sith. The lady in the image had to punch that dude for wearing his hat.

Great stories all have conflict.

When storytelling for a business, there is still conflict.

My article about headlines stemmed from the idea of poorly written headlines I kept seeing online. That was the conflict.

The conflict could be something as silly as having difficulty carrying a lot of grocery bags from the car.

Storytelling for business is centrally based on solving conflict.

The only reason things get invented is because of conflict.

Storytelling for business is going to be about crafting the narrative, based on the character choice, to solve the conflict the business was created to resolve.

The concept is simple, but the execution is extremely difficult. Crafting copy for storytelling is imperative to build a strong brand.


A hand slammed to emphasize the resolution sign next to it

Harry defeats Voldemort (turned him into butterflies in the movie version); Frodo tosses the ring in the volcano (actually Smeagol bit his fingers off and fell into the lava, but the ending was the same); Luke kills Darth Vader and restores Anakin to bring a balance to the force.

All the best stories have a satisfying resolution.

Storytelling for a business also offers a resolution.

When crafting copy for a business, there is a reason for the copy to exist or it simply wouldn’t exist.

Storytelling for a business is the same because it’s satisfying.

When crafting copy for businesses, the resolution works best when it describes the LESSON that is learned.

The lesson can be a product if that is the goal of business.

Nothing is better than when the story is satisfying and, this comes back to the characters, it’s oriented to give back.

Storytelling has to offer value. Otherwise it’s just another infomercial, spouting nonsense.

Storytelling is vital for brand building. It works best when it follows traditional storytelling rules and crafts the overarching narrative of the brand to being customer centric.


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