Is Social Media a Must for Success?

Almost everyone uses social media.

Each generation is using it more than the last.

It’s amazing that there are now websites that can connect a random person in Texas, like me, with a giant audience in China or Japan or Australia.

But with the rise of social media, there is also the rise of ‘social media fasts.’ That’s not using social media for an extended period, also called “going dark.”

Some people are even electing to totally quit social media because of some believed negative effects it can have mentally and emotionally.

The question is: do you really need a social media presence to be successful?

Freedom with Social Media

break free from the chains of others

Social media is an amazing development for the world.

The idea started with connecting people together in a business. Then it expanded to entire college campuses.

Then it expanded to the world.

MySpace was the introduction for a lot of people. Facebook is what really exploded for the whole world though.

Originally, people just thought it was cool to check up on their friends that moved away in grade school. Now, social media is one of the biggest industries and modes of influence for the entire world.

Social media is a way to control the narrative of yourself.

If you don’t have a social media, the only info someone, like a potential employer, will be word of mouth and your resume.

The downside of that, you don’t control the story you tell.

The resume is where the power ends.

What other people say is not in your power. What your past jobs say when called for a reference is not in your control.

But if you have various social medias then YOU control what people see.

Most people use socials to show off what you have and your social life. Which is great until you need a character reference and the company you’re applying for checks your socials and it shows you having an argument about something stupid or getting caught cheating on your spouse. Then it’s not good.

How to Use Social Media to Control the Narrative

A pen writing a story

I love that social media can connect people all over the world, but not everyone in the world should be best friends.

Proximity is a factor in the closest friendships. There is a reason that long distance relationships tend to fail.

The best way to use social media is for brand building. Telling your own story. Crafting the narrative you want others to see.

Go follow someone famous see what content they put out to see what I mean. They control their narrative on social.

Control what others see when you post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram and anything else you use.

GaryVee doesn’t post about his personal life at all. I do.

He only posts about marketing. I post about my writing and my journey.

I think that my life outside of writing heavily influences the way I write, so I include it in my social media. It also gives common ground between other people consuming their content and me.

Controlling what you put out is how you control what people see and hear about you without your being actively present.

Know Your Message to Control the Content

A brain made out of words in knows

It’s probably become obvious, but social media is important for yourself.

Is it absolutely necessary? No. You can get by the old-fashioned way by word of mouth and resumes.

A smarter route is to control a full narrative.

But you can’t just show up and spit advice without any proof to what you’re saying. You must know what you’re talking about before people will believe you.

With how old the world is, you are not the first person to come up with your idea. You are the only person in the world with your perspective.

You must become educated and put in the work before you can communicate any message.

A fun way to build authority is to document your process.

This is a beautiful thing about social medias. You can document the whole process. If you’re trying to build a client list for whatever you do, document yourself learning the craft.

Post on socials that you’re about to spend an hour reading a book about whatever area you’re focusing on will communicate a lot to a potential employer or client.

Document the journey. That’s the best way to overcome someone questioning your authority.

You could have the best product out there, but if someone doesn’t believe you have any credibility then they won’t buy in. Proving them wrong by having various places to document the process and prove your results is a sure-fire way to win.


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