How to Get FREE Leads Using Social Media

Since the romanticizing of entrepreneurs and creatives, people are trying to make money doing their hobby, but they have no leads.

A lead is someone that sees your content and is potentially going to accomplish whatever your goal is, be it a sale, a consultation or just signing up for an email subscription.

Getting leads is one of the most difficult aspects of being a content creator with a service.

I personally struggle with this a lot. I like a push/pull method for creatives to get clients. This goes for anyone offering a service.

Pushing, in short is telling someone to hire you or your company for whatever service you provide. Pulling is creating content and a product so good that clients seek you out.

Pushing is where you start. Pulling is great, but you need to have a reason for people to be pulled to you, and that is usually word of mouth or reviews.

When it comes to pushing for leads, people think this means you’re going to have to cold call people or just seek out people hiring.

I disagree.

There is this great new thing that people have been using since the late 80’s called the Internet. It has led to a lot of technological advancements. One example of this is the invention of social media.

How do you use social media to get free leads?

That will really depend on the social media you’re currently using. I will break down the biggest 6 socials and show you how to use them to create free leads.


A phone signing in to Facebook

I know Facebook isn’t the “cool” social media platform anymore. It’s for old people and all that jazz.

According to Chron the average Facebook user is 40.5 years old.

But, according to Statista there are 2.45 billion users. That number is only growing too.

It’s just stupid not to use the most popular social media in the entire world.

When using Facebook for lead generation, you just need to do a quick search in Facebook for your topic. Then you engage with those people talking about what you do. Last, offer your services.

Facebook also have Groups.

Find Groups that are based around what you’re doing. Then go join Groups just discussing what you do or are typically people that would hire you and give lots of free advice.

This gives you credibility.

Once you have credibility, sales mode kicks in and you offer your service.

Like the saying goes, “the ABC’s of sales is ‘Always Be Closing.’”


The Twitter icon

1 of the most popular social medias, Twitter just keeps getting more popular.

Chikitas, which went out of business recently, did the research and came up with the 6 most popular reasons people use Twitter. Luckily, the stats Chikitas came up with is immortalized on Jeff Bullas’s website.

Long story short, it’s a news social media.

Journalists use it all the time for the latest news cycles. Celebrities post all about their political opinions and everyone argues about things that don’t directly impact them all the time.

That doesn’t make it less popular of a site. It just helps you understand the kind of content that works best there.

Plus, the site is set up to offer a maximum of 240 character. You have to offer value in a short amount of space.

To get leads on Twitter, follow the hashtags that are relevant to your craft. Get in on the conversations there. Then offer your services.

The second tactic is that after you’ve kind of established your platform on Twitter, you start messaging potential clients.

Don’t just blind offer though. That doesn’t give you a higher rate to be hired.

Instead, you should check out their website, their socials or whatever you can help with, and pitch them an idea off that.

The way I instilled this is by searching for churches. I checked out their social medias and websites. Next, DM them something along the lines of “Hey, my dad’s a pastor, so I really want to give back to churches. I noticed your website was lacking a little bit in the actionable voice writing/grammar issues/etc. I do copywriting and am willing to redo the copywriting for your site for (insert monetary value or glowing review) and an addition to my portfolio. Are you interested?”

This was a completely fictional situation, but it is a good example of a scenario that could happen. Worst case scenario, they say no or ghost you.


The Instagram Icon

Instagram is primarily a visual medium.

Even if you don’t do a visual creative work, then you must adapt it to a visual medium somehow.

This is much easier than it sounds.

For my copywriting, I can always use a print ad and write on the page what I do and don’t like about it. I could also just make little videos with tips for copywriting.

The thing about Instagram though, is you MUST have a pretty page. It doesn’t work to have some stuff relating to one thing then totally switch to another.

It’s becoming more and more acceptable to do this as a documentation of the process, but it still isn’t always the best.

Instagram will be a similar search process as on Twitter.

You search the relevant hashtags and create dialogue on the site. You make it clear your background and why people should trust you. Then you close the deal.

For copywriting on social media, you must know to adapt the language to the targeted group. Instagram is primarily used by young adults.

Keeping that in mind, and the fact it’s a visual medium, the copy included in each post needs to be well thought out and captivating.

This will also help with potential clients that see that you get responses, and that you respond back, proving you create engaging content. This means they could either reach out to you, or, the more likely option, after you reach out to them and give them a tip or two on their posts, they have a reference of what you offer.

That means you’re using social media for free lead generation on 3 of the most popular social media platforms now.


LinkedIn connecting people

LinkedIn is one of my favorite platforms right now.

It’s incredible for getting leads.

You literally don’t even have to post anything for people will come to you. Just get more connections.

Getting connections is super simple, just ask to connect. Most people will agree without any true screening.

Then those connections will probably message you asking you if you’re looking for any way to increase your income, or some other poorly written pitch to join their new marketing agency.

An idea is to counter with your services, or just play along and potentially make a friend. It’s becoming a more popular saying, but I heard it from Adam Schafer on the MindPump podcast, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Leads basically come to you on LinkedIn right now.

It’s even easier though, because you can start using LinkedIn to post your thoughts and give value. While giving value the marketers will either come more or stop totally because you will start attracting clients.

LinkedIn is much easier than any other social media for leads for creatives.

Businesses are already there to hire.

LinkedIn is primarily a business site to hire people and show off your resume and give value.

It’s in the prime for creatives to jump on. It’s designed for people to use to get jobs.

Jump on there. Start adding value. Then search for jobs in your field. Then apply.


TikTok is the latest iteration of what used to be called

It was bought out by TikTok and is an amazing platform.

TikTok is like a mixture of Vine and because it has short videos, but it also has fun little music dance stuff on there.

Now, TikTok isn’t that great for short term results. You have to play the long game here.

The primary age of TikTok users right now is 13 based on what Common Sense Media says.

This will take some brain power but think back to when social media first started.

Who was primarily using MySpace? Kids.

Then who was primarily using Facebook? Kids.

When Twitter started, who was using it first? Kids.

The same thing happened with Instagram.

This all points to the fact that social media ages up.

Since young kids are using TikTok now, it will only age up. Since most users are kids doing silly dance videos, what will the be searching for when they get older?

The real estate to get TikTok famous and create massive brand awareness is there. Jump on early so kids learn who you are and tell their parents. After their parents know, you will be in their mind for your creativity.

Bam! You’re smart about future apps and you’re now hired as their social media marketer.


A YouTube Film strip

Similar Web ranks the most visited websites in the world. Their results show that Google is first, but YouTube is the second most visited website worldwide.

If you’re a creative and you’re not using YouTube in some capacity, then you’re losing.

I don’t mean to sound so “alpha lifestyle” there, but it’s the truth.

YouTube is basically a search engine, but it only shows videos instead of links.

If someone searches your name on Google, it would be much advantageous to have your website as the first result and YouTube as the second.

Your website will show everything someone needs to know about you, but the YouTube results will show off your personality.

A lot of employers want to hire someone based on their personality and their teachability more than just an impressive resume.

YouTube could be a pull method for getting leads, but if you write the script correctly, then it’s also a push. Tell the audience what you do and direct them to your website. Then you’re pushing.

I love creating leads in as many ways as possible. People get too worried about how they look on camera and refuse to make a video.

A better option is to express your insecurities and mention how you’re nervous being on camera. People can relate to that and will like you better for it. It also shows that you are willing to tackle new tasks and take the leap to spread your message.

As is common in the comments section, you will get feedback. No matter what it is early on, respond. That shows that you care. That’s the number one thing. People like people who care.

When you show you care, it makes you more reputable. People will want to put their name with yours. You will get more leads. You become more well known.

Get your name out there on as many platforms as possible and start messaging people to create some interactions and generate more leads.

Guess what, all those platforms are free to use. All the tips I gave are free to execute.


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