My Journey to Become the Best Copywriter of All-Time

I want to be the greatest copywriter of all time.

One day, I will be.

I normally write articles about how to improve copywriting or give some tips for marketing or digital marketing.

This post is different. It’s not about being a copywriter. It will be a set up for me documenting my journey more than anything else.

Instead of just giving tips and tricks and all that jazz, I want to document my journey.

I’ve been looking for other blogs or articles about the journey of becoming a copywriter. The problem is, I haven’t found any.

To counter this tragedy, I want to be a source for others. There is no way that I am the only person in the world that is searching for this content. I want to help others just like me.

I know this isn’t going to be easy, and some days I will want to just quit. But I won’t.

I will be disciplined and start giving weekly updates about what I learn and when I get some jobs.

This will be completely transparent.

There is no course I’m trying to sell from this. I don’t want to use the site to offer my Mastermind class or something. That sounds like something I would have to sign up for or something.

I will offer a newsletter, but I want to document when I launch it and why.

So, follow along on my journey to become the best copywriter of all time.

My Why

A question mark out of plants on an island

A common concept that people throw around is “finding your why.”

People say things like, “If you have the right ‘why’ you can overcome any ‘how.’”

I agree with this, so I decided to do a little bit about my “why.”

A quick ‘why’ is that I am all about setting my own schedule. I want to be able to set my hours and have a work/life balance that I choose. That way I don’t have someone else telling me if I can or can’t do something with friends or family.

A big ‘why’ is that I want to constantly be learning and improving.

Copywriting has a lot to do with analyzing people and the way they think when they hear specific words. That’s a topic I find extremely interesting and it requires constant learning and adaption to master. I want to do this as a copywriter.

The reason I want to be the best is easy: I’m ambitious.

I’m not like Slytherin ambitious, but I’m more along the lines of Harry or Dumbledore ambitious. Not Tom Riddle.

If you didn’t understand the Harry Potter reference, I must implore you to go read the series right now. It’s groundbreaking and amazing.

My biggest ‘why’ is because I absolutely love people.

I’m a helper at heart, and I want to help as many people as possible.

To do this two-fold, I want to document my journey to becoming the best copywriter of all time and I want to help people achieve their business goals by hiring me as a copywriter.

This is so cool to me because I will be doing something I love, copywriting, to help people and getting paid, but by also documenting the journey I will help other people trying to become copywriters themselves.

Personal Background

I cover a lot of this on the About Me page.

It won’t hurt to do another rundown here though.

For starters, I got my college degree in English. As with many other liberal arts degrees, it didn’t do very much for me.

My wife and I moved to Georgia from Texas and I needed a job, so I became a flight attendant.

You don’t need a degree to be a flight attendant and, as I said before, I’m ambitious. I didn’t want to be stuck on an airplane for hours at a time. A lot of people dream about being a flight attendant, but I’m not one of them.

This led to some pretty severe imposter syndrome.

I know I’m helping people get where they need to be, but I didn’t feel fulfilled.

My wife got really annoyed with me saying things like that so she said, “why don’t you just start blogging so you can start writing again?”

So I did.

I jumped from topic to topic. Freelance writing for other sites about film, music, and sports. Three of the biggest markets are extremely saturated already.

Every college kid with a pen and paper is trying to get into writing about movies, music or sports.

This brought me to start blogging, about those topics with fitness thrown in.

After two full years of writing, I found where I really want to be.

I want to document my journey to become a copywriter.

Because my wife is amazing, she supported everything I’ve done. But she also wants me to be successful, so she gave me a powerful talk about focusing and sticking with something.

That brings me here. I’m dedicating heavily to becoming a copywriter, but now I’m writing about everything I’m doing to show where I’m at and how others can get there too.

Experience So Far

I’m not experienced at all.

I’ve done some writing for a sports site called SportsAlDente, which has been rebranded as LA Football Network. I wrote about the Dallas Cowboys and some WWE stuff (Wrestling is my number one guilty pleasure).

I then jumped to write on a weird blogging site like Medium, but worse. It’s called Hubpages. I’m thinking about resurrecting that one to help build some links to my site in the same way a lot of people use Medium. I would also use Medium for that, but I’ll update on that later.

I wrote for a subsidiary of Fansided called NetflixLife. This covered nothing but Netflix releases there. It was a lot of fun, and it was my first true paid gig. It was by no means a professional gig. I got paid literally pennies based on how many page views I would get.

After going away from NetflixLife, I wanted to start my own blog.

I went through a bunch of iterations of blogs, most are not even worth mentioning. I will say my wife gave me the idea of doing a flight attendant fitness blog, which I think is a fantastic niche to pursue, but I just wasn’t passionate enough about the flight attendant aspect to stick with it. Hopefully, someone reading this will take this idea and run with it because I think there is a lot of potentials there.

All this led to me finally settling into writing about writing. I did some writing about fiction writing, which was fun. It just wasn’t for me.

I changed that to writing about copywriting a bit because I wanted to start freelancing as a copywriter.

After hearing GaryVee preach about documenting the journey, I decided to do that too. Also, I couldn’t find anyone else doing this to help me get started. Most articles that were written to “help someone with no experience get started copywriting” are written to sell a class or some other seemingly unnecessary product.

I don’t want to do that, so I’m writing about my journey and documenting as I go.

Don’t worry, I have only had one legit copywriting job and two other content writing jobs.

The copywriting I did was for my dad (a gig is a gig). He’s a pastor and his church just created a new website. The copy was a little lacking, so I offered to fix it. He let me and paid me, so that is the first and only copywriting I’ve done besides my own website.

As for content writing, I write for two different sites consistently now. I write for the blog portion of a clothing website called Shield Republic. The other site is called #ManVs, a site about men’s entertainment like Men’s Journal or GQ but much less authoritative for now.


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