Rey’s Lightsaber and Blade Color in Star Wars

An image of the various lightsaber colors in Star Wars

The merits of The Rise of Skywalker are contentious, to say the least. The same could be said about the whole sequel trilogy though.

However, the Star Wars franchise has an incredible pull on the American public and culture.

Children dress up as Star Wars characters for Halloween every year. Adults do it at ever comic con out there. Multiple toy aisles are devoted to franchises, as well as many websites and fan forums.

The most recent film, The Rise of Skywalker, has caused a lot of debate about the good and bad in the film and what it means for the larger Star Wars Universe. I even jumped in on this debate with a feature I wrote for #ManVs about the impact of the character Rey.

As for other particulars that true fans like to dig into, I like to dig into the deeper meaning of things. My current fixation is the lightsaber colors and what they mean.

Originally, the colors were only blue and red to indicate whether someone was a Jedi or a Sith. The good and the evil.

That changed when the second film came out and Luke was given a green lightsaber because the blue didn’t contrast with the sky and it got lost on screen.

This gave us two different lightsaber colors for Jedi, but all Sith still only had red.

The latter holds true throughout the series, but the Jedi lightsaber color is intensely fascinating.

Lightsaber Color in Star Wars

An explanation of lightsaber colors in Star Wars
[Image via SuperCarlinBrothers YouTube]
As with any cult film, Star Wars had a ton of theories coming out the moment something changed.

Luke’s green lightsaber was revealed, and people went nuts. At the time there really wasn’t anything behind it though.

It wasn’t until the prequel trilogy came out that the theories started gaining some ground, but then Mace Windu showed up with his purple lightsaber to throw everything into whack again.

The breakdown for blade color has officially gotten a bit more complicated now.

The extended universe revealed how lightsabers are crafted, which officially became canon with later installments in the TV series The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Lightsabers are only created by Jedi. The Sith doesn’t make lightsabers.

A Jedi creates their lightsaber to cap off their graduation from the Jedi Academy. According to, they travel to a planet known as Ilum to mine for a kybar crystal.

The kybar crystal is the conduit of the Force that concentrates the Force into a blade. The blade color is tied to the characteristics the Jedi embodies most.

Except for red. The red saber is created by corrupting a kybar crystal in a process called “bleeding.” That means a true Sith lightsaber is only created by either a Jedi turning toward the Sith or a Sith killing and converting a Jedi’s lightsaber.

There is one other saber that was created for evil as well: the Darksaber. It is extremely unique, and I don’t fully know the lore behind it.

What I do know is that is a flat black blade and originally belonged to the Mandalorians. This is why it was so exciting for the reveal of the Darksaber at the end of the last episode of the Mandalorian.

That bit also left a lot of questions about the fate of the Jedi before the event of the series started.

Other Lightsaber Colors in Star Wars

The arena battle scene from Attack of the Clones featuring a lot of Jedi with their lightsaber wielded.
[Image via LucasFilm]
Now that the Sith is out of the way, let’s take a look at the other saber colors and meanings.


Easily the most common color of a Jedi lightsaber, blue embodies righteousness and bravery. It’s mainly used by the Jedi Guardians and is a physical representation of their decision to provide protection of those that need it.


Another one of the most common colors of Jedi lightsabers. Green is wielded by Jedi Consular and represents harmony and spirituality with the Force. Those with a green lightsaber typically have a stronger affinity to the Force. Such examples include Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn.


A rarity for Jedi, yellow is only used by the Jedi Temple Guards. The color is a representation of being in the light. It is true homeostasis and is a recognition of the importance of balance, study, and recognition of the past and future.


Only seen in use by Mace Windu. The color implies moral ambiguity between guardianship and the Sith. Mace had fought hard against Sith temptation, but ultimately, chose to be a Jedi. He’s a good guy that’s willing to do bad stuff.


Ahsoka is the only canon character to ever use white lightsabers. To turn a saber red, it must be bled. Ahsoka, in The Clone Wars series, reverses the bleeding. She heals the kybar crystal. The color is a representation of her purity and ability to use the Force for good.

Rey’s Orange Lightsaber

A DeviantArt variation of Rey with her Orange lightsaber
[Image via DeviantArt]
Rey’s lightsaber reveals at the end of The Rise of Skywalker was probably the best cinematic reveal that could have happened for the franchise.

The orange lightsaber had yet to appear in a canon adaptation on screen. Orange sabers have only appeared in Star Wars Legends, wielded by Yaddle and Plo Koon, but neither character is canon.

The meaning of the orange blade was to be of renewal and birth for the Naboo.

In the case of Rey, I believe the orange saber is a juxtaposition of her natural affinity to the Force and her lineage.

Her natural affinity in the force would make her saber an interesting combination of blue and green. She is naturally strong in the force, which is evident in The Force Awakens. She uses Jedi mind tricks on a guard (played by Daniel Craig as a fun Easter Egg there).

Rey’s gift of lightsaber combat is shown in The Force Awakens. She fights Kylo in the snow and almost beats him in singles lightsaber combat.

The big reveal of her lineage; being a Palpatine showed why her abilities with the Force were so strong. Yet, she rejects her lineage and leans toward her newly acquired lineage: the Skywalkers.

The red of the Palpatine mixes with the green and the blue of the Jedi. These colors mix to make her lightsaber orange.

Rey’s orange saber is a representation of her choice to recognize and embrace her parentage, yet she rejects her lineage to choose the path of what is right. She believes in a balance of the guardianship and consular work of the Jedi.

Rey chooses to be the ideal Jedi, and fight against the Sith pull she naturally has. She brings balance to the Force.


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      It’s a fun thing to speculate on. I mean, technically Samuel L. Jackson wanted a purple lightsaber so he got one, but I think that the lore in the extended universe helped add to the mythos and the latest movie helped confirm it as canon.

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