Want to Elevate Your Business?

I love talking and writing about business and strategies.

I love it more when implementing things like content marketing, SEO writing, lead generation and engagement through writing even more.

I’ve been freelancing a while now, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. I’ve come to be adept at writing strong content that converts.

Whether you’re new to the business scene as an up and coming entrepreneur or an established brand looking to increase leads, I’m the writer for you. I did the research so, you can focus on the business itself.

What I Offer


Copywriting is writing with business goals in mind. It can be a sales page, an about page, product descriptions, or any number of lead generating, SEO focused writing. I know how to deliver the optimal message for any copy needs.


Not all good writers are good bloggers. There is an art to it. It’s about utilizing the graphics in combination with effective diction to get people interested in the topic. I’ve been blogging for years and know what engages readers the most.


Ghostwriting is one of the hardest things to master. An effective ghostwriter doesn’t present themselves, but adapts their voice to that of their client. I can change my writing to be the most efficient for the client and optimized with the reader in mind.


Remember grammar nazis from elementary school? Sadly, I do that. Editing isn’t only grammar though, it’s line editing too. The goal is the make the sentences flow as smoothly as possible. I make the writing as efficient as possible, using the fewest words to illicit the greatest meaning. I offer book editing, copy editing and line editing.

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If you are interested in what I have to offer, please reach out to discuss rates.